Ideas for Practicing Tables at Home

  • Skip counting (forwards & backwards) either individually or as a group.
  • Multiplication Bingo/Tables Bingo (resources on teaching
  • Break the chain (either skip counting or tables): Children ask each other tables and try not to break the answer chain by giving an incorrect answer.
  • Tests: timed written tests/tables speed test. Children are given a set amount of time to complete various operations. If they succeed in getting all correct, they get less time the next day to complete the same.
  • Recite tables every morning.
  • Sponge ball: Ask someone a table and throw a sponge ball to them at the same time.
  • Concentration: clapping (circle).
  • Doubles: asking number doubles i.e. 7×7, 6×6……
  • Pair tables: Two siblings compete to answer a table. The winner goes on to compete against a winner from another pair, and so on……
  • Skip and recite your tables.
  • Singing their tables/rapping tables. Refer to multiplication unplugged on YouTube (the last button link below).
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