Health Promoting Committee

The HPC motto is Healthy Body Strong Mind Go Better Together.

Their Action Plan is as follows:

  • To update our healthy eating policy.
  • To carry out research on sugar content in various drinks.
  • To encourage the school community to drink more water.
  • To become better fruit and veg eaters with the assistance of the Food Dudes Programme.
  • To enhance our environment by painting a large mural and games on the playground.
  • To plant more trees, flowers and shrubs on our school campus.
  • To highlight our school as a bullying free zone, especially during Anti Bullying week.
  • To implement the Fun Friends, Friends for Life and the Zippy’s Friends programmes which teach children to cope with difficulties, to build resilience and to manage anxiety.
  • To become an active school and to achieve the Active School Flag.
  • To recommend a variety of workshops for the children of SCN with a focus on wellbeing.

Our fantastic HPC is on hold due to restrictions imposed by Covid 19. We are hopeful that this wonderful committee will resume its duties when it has been deemed safe to do so.

Check back in here soon…..

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